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secrecy / тайна, секретность, скрытность
имя существительное
secret, mystery, secrecy, privacy, arcanum, privity
secrecy, privacy, privity
secrecy, reticence, secretiveness, reserve, stealthiness, furtiveness
имя существительное
the action of keeping something secret or the state of being kept secret.
the bidding is conducted in secrecy
Is the veil of Soviet secrecy still shrouding the country?
the bidding is conducted in secrecy
Excessive secrecy cripples everyone's ability to act by hiding government mistakes and corruption.
Delegates at the 1787 Constitutional Convention maintained strict secrecy during the proceedings.
Despite the heavy secrecy imposed on this radical program, a storm of opposition will be hard to avoid.
The process seems to have been finalised a few weeks ago and swaddled in the utmost secrecy .
Supplying alcohol to the soldiers themselves requires the utmost operational secrecy .
In an era of openness, honesty and transparency the official secrecy surrounding this case has been disturbing.
Complete secrecy - even when the public has a sharp interest - can be toxic.
They took an oath to preserve the secrecy of everything to do with the election.