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seaweed / морская водоросль
имя существительное
морская водоросль
seaweed, alga, seaware
имя существительное
large algae growing in the sea or on rocks below the high-water mark.
The most valued of the cultivated seaweeds is the red alga Porphyra, or Nori.
It was Dr Drew who came to the rescue when she analysed the life cycle of the edible seaweed known as Nori.
To be on the Okinawa Program is not to be restricted to eating seaweed and warm bricks of tofu.
Locals explained that the strength of the wind and the high waves had scattered seaweed all over the islands.
seaweed glistened on the rocks
There are hundreds of varieties of seaweed in Breton waters, though only about seven are used for edible purposes.
The roads and arches of the futuristic city was set with only minor seaweed and rock debris.
I drove home slightly damp and smelling of seaweed , but feeling great.
In the late 1700s, the abundant seaweed or kelp provided an important source of income.
They move slowly along and pick up moving prey from the crevices and seaweed among the rocks.
It swam near the bottom with a very graceful and rapid movement and tried to conceal itself in the tufts of seaweed .