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seaway / фарватер, волнение на море, судоходная часть моря
имя существительное
fairway, channel, waterway, seaway, clearway, pass
волнение на море
судоходная часть моря
имя существительное
a stretch of water in which a sea is running.
with the engine mounted amidship, the boat pitches less in a seaway
We put the boat in at Labrador and headed off around Wave Break Island to the actual seaway .
This scenario maximizes the depth and linkage of the basins forming the seaway .
Unfortunately we need two miles of seaway to stop our ship and our rudder is jammed, hence we cannot change course.
with the engine mounted amidship, the boat pitches less in a seaway
After 1903 and improvements to the St. Lawrence waterway, larger ships or ‘canalers’ could navigate the seaway .
In general, the safety of a ship in a seaway is related to three major safety parameters - structural safety, overturning stability, and seakeeping quality.
In a dangerous combat situation, or even a crowded seaway , this can provide a huge advantage.
The St Lawrence seaway , one of the world's busiest shipping lanes after the English Channel, exits around the northern tip of Nova Scotia.
This number results from a formula that is intended to represent a boat's expected motion in a seaway .
Columbus set out to find a new seaway to India and he ended up discovering America.