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seaward / в сторону моря, к морю
в сторону моря
seaward, seawards
к морю
seaward, seawards
имя прилагательное
направленный к морю
seaward, seawards
имя прилагательное
going or pointing toward the sea.
there was a seaward movement of water on the bottom
toward the sea.
after about a mile they turned seaward
имя существительное
the side that faces or is nearer to the sea.
breakwaters were extended further to seaward
With no natural protection from the sea, apart from a narrow coral reef, the atoll was at the mercy of massive waves that crashed over its 30-metre high seaward cliffs.
When the Jubilee River was being planned, the design documents stated that flood relief schemes should always be started at the seaward end.
The path levels out to provide expansive seaward views.
To further add to the jetty's lore a fire broke out in December 1999, destroying a massive 80m section, about 150m from the seaward end.
One of the men positioned the prow of the boat against the seaward ice, revved the engines, and widened the gap to six feet.
The majority headed seaward ; but others were content to continue feeding half a mile distant.
This formation has been interpreted to represent deposits that accumulated on or immediately seaward of an Early Cambrian shelf.
There are some wonderful pinnacles in both groups, with the best diving and healthiest coral to be found on the seaward side of each.
The mangroves never cease building, ever creeping seaward .
She began by replacing the small seaward window with a bigger one to better enjoy the splendid view of the Golfo di Salerno.