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seating / рассаживание, места для сидения, сидячие места
имя существительное
места для сидения
сидячие места
имя существительное
the seats with which a building or room is provided.
the restaurant has seating for 80
an act or time of providing seats, especially at a restaurant or performance venue.
lunch seatings are from 11 am to 12:30 pm only
arrange for (someone) to sit somewhere.
he seated her next to her husband
the restaurant has seating for 80
I tried to look happy about the seating and sat down.
And the reservation chairman was Mike Moffatt, long-time professional with the seating and arranging on the evening.
In 1964, Democrats debated the seating of segregated state delegations.
There's a peculiar sort of dance going on with the seating though.
This immeasurably great power was made real in the world by the resurrection of Jesus and the seating of Jesus at a position of power and honor in the heavenly places.
He cannot extend its reach to remedy the segregated seating at Shiloh Church.
The tiered seating is protected with a cantilevered roof structure that hovers over the stadium.
Once the seating began, we walked through some beautiful scenery to the ‘tunnel of love’ with fish swimming all around us.
Farrell also said that Atlanta Bread would offer breakfast, lunch and dinner and also provide some outdoor seating .