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seat / сиденье, место, местонахождение
имя существительное
seat, bucket seat, place, bottom, space, pew
place, site, space, spot, room, seat
location, whereabouts, site, seat, occurrence, whereabout
sit, sit down, seat, fit, set, hang
accommodate, hold, contain, house, receive, seat
seat, plant out, provide seats
имя существительное
a thing made or used for sitting on, such as a chair or stool.
I sat down in the white chair while Dr. Clark took a seat on a stool that sat to my left.
a person's buttocks.
They tossed beach balls to one another between the decks and nibbled on cucumber sandwiches as they shook sand from the towels covering their seats .
arrange for (someone) to sit somewhere.
he seated her next to her husband
If your seat is quiet, the horse is more likely to relax and slow his pace.
I smiled and got in the empty front passenger seat of the black Escalade.
It looked as if it would seat two people, both at the front of the craft.
I headed into the bathroom and was greeted by a chilling site: the seat was up!
There were ample enough seats, considering that the table could seat thirty-six people.
Artemis sat on top of the back of a chair, his bare feet resting on the seat .
There is space for a table that could seat ten people and room for free-standing storage units.
On the plane, I sat in my window seat, and another passenger has the aisle seat .
One of McRae's other decisions is to seat the audience on both sides of the long, narrow stage, one section facing the other.
The girl sighed at the dark stain that covered the seat of her pants.