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seaside / приморский
имя прилагательное
seaside, maritime, sea, littoral, seaboard, tide-water
имя существительное
seaside, seashore, beach, offing, coastland
морское побережье
seaside, seashore, seaboard
берег моря
beach, seaside, shore, seaboard
имя существительное
a place by the sea, especially a beach area or vacation resort.
Located in a prime area close to the seaside town it is has a preservation order on it by Dúchas.
Parents should be able to take the family to the seaside without worrying about potential health risks.
Slightly out of the centre of town is the smart seaside resort area of Camps Bay.
And talking of holidays, it's time I signed off and set off for a week at the seaside .
Glasgow children from the slums enjoying a fortnight's holiday at the seaside .
Her plans for the bank holiday weekend included a possible trip to the seaside .
Do the Croats have more chance of having holidays and going to the seaside than the Serbs?
a seaside town
seaside amusements
His remains were found in April eight miles away in a ravine close to the seaside town of Théoule sur Mer.
Even more remarkable was the growth of the resorts as the habit of seaside holidays caught on.