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seashore / морское побережье, взморье, морской берег
имя существительное
морское побережье
seaside, seashore, seaboard
seaside, seashore, beach, offing, coastland
морской берег
seashore, coast, seacoast
имя существительное
an area of sandy, stony, or rocky land bordering and level with the sea.
Rising sea levels are particularly problematic where seashores are nearly flat.
Or visit southernmost Cumberland Island, a national seashore reached by ferry.
Instead, why not spend the first three nights closer to the Wine Country and the national seashore ?
The rocky seashore was devoid of any marine life.
They had been standing on a rocky seashore .
Passage begins on a wide seashore backed with dunes against a cloudless sky.
A small bird with a broken wing, left behind by its mates, struggles to escape a crowd of hungry crabs alongside a deserted seashore .
Coastguards warned people to stop ‘wave-dodging’ on exposed seashores along the Yorkshire coast as winds whipped up mountainous seas.
The list of Florida's superb coastlines extends to many other beaches but giving space to other seashores in U.S. are the following water bodies.
If you like lakes and seashores , it's hard to avoid this noisy, hugely popular brand of ‘personal watercraft.’
The alabaster's milky translucence and variegated, veined surfaces suggest the body, celestial charts and tide-roiled seashores .