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searchable / поиск
доступный для поиска
для поиска
for search
имя прилагательное
(of a database, website, etc.) capable of being computationally searched.
the archive is fully searchable
A list of maps added in the last 30 days complements a searchable archive of all available items.
The materials produced will then be loaded on to a searchable database.
This searchable database contains every book printed in English to year 1700.
Google will digitally scan and make searchable virtually the entire collection of the University of Michigan library.
In addition to the tutorials, the CD-ROM has an extensive searchable image collection.
With digitization, the newspapers are not only browsable, but also keyword searchable .
The Libraries is now generating cataloging records for most of its US government information, which was previously only searchable through specialized indexes.
Previously asked questions and answers are posted, searchable , and freely available at the Google Answers site.
Less than half the searchable Web is fully searchable in Google.
There is the potential for even greater benefits if such publications can be made usefully searchable .