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sear / спусковой рычаг, ожог
имя существительное
спусковой рычаг
sear, sere
burn, scorch, scald, singe, sting, sear
имя прилагательное
dry, dried, arid, dead, desiccated, sear
sear, sere, dead
cauterize, burn, sear, sere
wither, sear, parch, sere
scorch, singe, sear, sere, swinge
burn or scorch the surface of (something) with a sudden, intense heat.
the water got so hot that it seared our lips
имя прилагательное
(especially of vegetation) dry or withered.
small green vineyards encircled by vast sear fields
The sudden attack shocked him, and he felt pain sear up his leg as he stepped away.
Heat a small amount of oil in a pan and sear scallops lightly on each side.
The unique characteristic of this charcoal is that it can heat up to a very high temperature, which helps sear the meat and lock in its juice.
Season the frogs' legs, dip in the eggs, coat with the bread crumbs, and sear on both sides until golden brown about three minutes.
He offers this simple tenderloin - quickly sautéed to sear the outside but not melt the marbling inside - for a special holiday meal.
Lightly press both sides of the tuna into the sea salt and coarsely cracked black pepper, and sear the tuna on one side until browned.
Lightly coat sweetbreads in flour and sear until golden brown and crisp.
Season ribs with salt and pepper and sear until golden brown on all sides.
This allows food to sear and cook quickly, which augments flavors.
Season chickens and sear until brown on all sides, remove from pot and set aside.