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seaplane / гидросамолет
имя существительное
seaplane, hydroplane, hydroaeroplane
имя существительное
an aircraft with floats instead of wheels, designed to land on and take off from water.
I became rated in gyroplanes, helicopters, seaplanes and gliders.
When 10 September dawned for the crew of the seaplane , so did the prospects for an end to their harrowing journey.
Earhart and her companion were picked up by a Japanese seaplane and will be held as hostage, say the Japanese.
More kids climb on a riverside playground, and in the water beyond is a handful of cormorants, including one taking off low to the water like a seaplane .
Hulled seaplane or floatplane makes no difference; the practical test is the same for both.
Fortunately no major damage had been inflicted on the seaplane and the hull was still watertight.
In the meantime, a fun 15-minute ride on a lowflying seaplane is the easiest way to get back and forth.
Although primarily used as seaplanes , Kingfishers also could be fitted with wheels and operated from land bases.
Moments later, five Austrian Albatros fighters and two Lohner seaplanes took off to challenge the Macchi intruders.
In 1930, he learned to fly seaplanes and began making speed and long-distance record flights in a wide variety of very interesting aircraft.
Airplanes can't exceed a gross weight of 1,320 pounds or 1,430 pounds for seaplanes .