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seamy / со швами, покрытый швами, неприглядный
имя прилагательное
со швами
покрытый швами
unsightly, seamy
имя прилагательное
sordid and disreputable.
a seamy sex scandal
Anna descends into the seamy side of commercial S&M clubs to assist in the official investigation into Kathy's disappearance.
But research in organizations with nonfacilitative governments highlights the value of bureaucracy and reveals the seamy side of personal relationships.
The shooting death of Blake's wife, Bonny Lee Bakley, highlights the seamy side of Hollywood.
More than ever our domestic media shoulders the responsibility of focusing on the seamy side of society.
But it is an exaggerated horror, itself suspect, which would make us unable to acknowledge the facts because of the seamy side of the facts.
We'll dig into the seamy side of Los Angeles with the man who gave us ‘LA Confidential’ just ahead.
There can be a seamy side to the transfer of children.
Yes, that's the thing that disturbs me, because there are so many people who apparently want to hear the seamy side of life about people who are in trouble.
His education taught him a lot about the seamy side of life and the way in which an uncaring society could treat those who could not help themselves.
Nevertheless, I do not see sex between consenting adults as seamy , sleazy or even necessarily steamy.