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seamstress / швея, белошвейка, портниха
имя существительное
seamstress, sewer, sempstress, needlewoman, machinist
seamstress, shirtmaker
dressmaker, seamstress, modiste
имя существительное
a woman who sews, especially one who earns her living by sewing.
A cloud of lint hovered over the seamstresses and their sewing machines like a multicolored fog over a river.
Yet the servants insisted the seamstress and cobbler had made them with me in mind.
She needed to strike the cobra and pin it as a seamstress would hold a hem.
The tailors or seamstresses would literally stitch new clothes onto people around Easter-time and that was it for the year.
Bakers baked their food while seamstresses seamed their cloth.
I was escaping from my seamstresses again - darn those chattering women anyway.
Then there's the cash for seamstresses , cutters, pattern makers, and salespeople, as well as space to house your operation.
She ran in on the seamstresses and tailors, checking on the clothes.
There being no sewing machines to speed the assembly of clothes, tailors and seamstresses were economical with their stitches.
Does anyone know of seamstresses / tailors in or around Boston that do good work on wedding dresses?
Workers in this informal sector include tinsmiths, seamstresses , bakers, carpenters, and peddlers.