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seamless / бесшовный, без шва, цельнотянутый
имя прилагательное
без шва
имя прилагательное
(of a fabric or surface) smooth and without seams or obvious joins.
seamless stockings
So Perhaps a single, big Wi-Fi network will encourage the service providers to team up for seamless roaming.
For the tummy, use a panty girdle or a one-piece unitard body slimmer control top seamless in the back.
More money wouldn't remove those obstacles to seamless service, nor would improved logistics.
The seamless bras are cut from a unique system that includes ultrasonic seaming and new bonding techniques.
While a propagandist only presents one side, the fact is that no one side is seamless or blameless.
The alliance is an effort by the three companies to create a seamless digital music system.
On one level, a seamless robe of force and coercion linked the British response to external and internal challenges.
He makes a chest of drawers from a single block of wood, almost seamless .
The company aims to provide a seamless mobile service throughout the Caribbean region.
The surface of these texts is too perfect, seamless , wound around itself too tightly.