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seamanship / морская практика, искусство мореплавания, мореходное искусство
имя существительное
морская практика
искусство мореплавания
мореходное искусство
имя существительное
the skill, techniques, or practice of handling a ship or boat at sea.
Getting a good start was imperative to finish in the top 10 and this meant some cunning seamanship around the start boat to ensure a clean start.
I thought you knew all there was to know about seamanship already? ‘she smiled.’
It was during Frederik's tutorial on seamanship that Claire delivered the surprising news.
I'm not much good for anything else,’ he added ruefully, hoping that an admission of his poor seamanship would mollify the other boy.
Other state-supported institutions provide advanced training in nursing, engineering, commerce, and seamanship .
Furthermore, this glimpse of history is not a familiar one to any but a most dedicated student of history or seamanship .
Henceforth he would have to rely on his seamanship to navigate.
His lack of experience and seamanship , coupled with that outlandish ego, made him a terrible leader.
His incompetence, both in terms of seamanship and leadership, led to the grounding of the Medusa and encouraged the panic that swept those on board.
I'm willing to bet I'll have a need to learn better seamanship , as I know he'll want me to accompany him next time he heads for the southern continent.
The sinking may have been a result of overloading, poor seamanship or both.