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sealing / уплотнение
имя существительное
sealing, gasket, packing, consolidation, compression, condensation
fasten or close securely.
he folded it, sealed the envelope, and walked to the mailbox
apply a nonporous coating to (a surface) to make it impervious.
seal the finish with a satin varnish
fry (food) briefly in hot fat to prevent it from losing too much of its moisture during subsequent cooking.
heat the oil and seal the lamb on both sides
conclude, establish, or secure (something) definitively, excluding the possibility of reversal or loss.
to seal the deal he offered Thornton a place on the board of the nascent company
fix a piece of wax or lead stamped with a design to (a document) to authenticate it.
And he sealed the document with the seal of arms that his grandfather had worn.