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sealant / герметик
sealer, seal
имя существительное
material used for sealing something so as to make it airtight or watertight.
The sealant made it airtight without pinching his nasal passage.
Second, no edging was delivered and no sealant put in.
I'll pull the assembly apart (hopefully I can just cut that sealant stuff off) and fill the hole with more sealant .
All it requires is an initial sealing with a non-toxic stone sealant which can be reapplied after a couple of years if required.
use a flexible mastic sealant
To achieve a properly aged look for the new floor Canny had it installed without any sealant or protection.
The machine then rolls a video that explains what your car is in for: wash, wax, undercarriage wash, sealant , and a spot-free rinse and dry.
Nail or screw a 2X2 piece of wood flush with the bottom of the ledger, and lay a bead of sealant at the joint to prevent water infiltration.
blobs of silicone sealant
The sealant made it airtight without pinching his nasal passage.
Caulking, sealant , and weather stripping will do the trick and are available at most hardware stores.