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seal / печать, тюлень, пломба
имя существительное
printing, print, seal, stamp, press, cachet
seal, sea calf, sea dog
seal, filling, inlay, lead, stamp, stopper
seal, seal up, glue up, close up
seal, stick up, glue up
isolate, insulate, seal, segregate, sequester, seclude
имя существительное
a device or substance that is used to join two things together so as to prevent them from coming apart or to prevent anything from passing between them.
blue smoke from the exhaust suggests worn valve seals
a piece of wax, lead, or other material with an individual design stamped into it, attached to a document to show that it has come from the person who claims to have issued it.
He replied, handing her a letter with a navy blue wax seal .
a thing regarded as a confirmation or guarantee of something.
the International Monetary Fund is likely to give a seal of approval to the Mexican plan
the obligation on a priest not to divulge anything said during confession.
I was told under the seal
fasten or close securely.
he folded it, sealed the envelope, and walked to the mailbox
apply a nonporous coating to (a surface) to make it impervious.
seal the finish with a satin varnish
fry (food) briefly in hot fat to prevent it from losing too much of its moisture during subsequent cooking.
heat the oil and seal the lamb on both sides
conclude, establish, or secure (something) definitively, excluding the possibility of reversal or loss.
to seal the deal he offered Thornton a place on the board of the nascent company
fix a piece of wax or lead stamped with a design to (a document) to authenticate it.
And he sealed the document with the seal of arms that his grandfather had worn.
имя существительное
a member of an elite force within the US Navy specializing in guerrilla warfare and counterinsurgency.
After a military coup in Nigeria, the Seals are sent in to evacuate a small group of foreign nationals, primarily a doctor, from a local mission.