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seagull / чайка
имя существительное
gull, seagull, mew, sea mew
имя существительное
a popular name for a gull.
The cast includes rabbits, pigs, cows, cats, scorpions, seagulls , snails, penguins and bats.
‘There are an enormous number of seagulls on that part of Long Island Sound,’ he says.
Another striking painting is of seagulls swarming over a garbage dump.
There are also clouds of long distortion seagulls , fluttering around at sunset, calling to each other, their voices disappearing into the wind.
Circling seagulls swooped down and ate what Agnes had disgorged.
The track is immediately set apart by the awkward opening sounds of seagulls and a garbage truck in reverse gear, before it launches into a menacing guitar riff.
Whether hunting seagulls for much-needed nutrition, or helping each other out of dangerous situations, their exploits make for exciting viewing.
The track for that was the sound of the ocean, with a few seagulls in the background.
Certainly, the outdoor nature of the shoot offers up some unwanted ambiance (overly loud seagulls , microphone-flaunting winds), but this is not the reason for any aural concern.
A dry northern wind at Christmas brings clouds of seagulls to Cambridge, landing them at 10 A.M. upon Harvard's stadium.
‘Wanderlust’ depicts a man's profile with seagulls flying in the background.