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seafront / набережная, приморский бульвар, приморская часть города
имя существительное
embankment, quay, seafront, front, levee, bund
приморский бульвар
seafront, front
приморская часть города
These views of the seafront appear to be the first films made in the town and the first of the town to be exhibited commercially.
The plan is a simple L-shape, wrapping around from the seafront into Western Street.
‘Despite its prime location on the seafront , it was in such poor structural order that people were surprised at the price,’ he said.
Its huge dimensions and noble simplicity are only gradually appreciated as you see it against the jumble of commercial seafront developments that spread for miles on both sides of the centre.
They got to Morecambe in a matter of minutes, and walked to the seafront .
The present elevated motorway will be moved back some 100m from the seafront and remade at ground level, allowing a linear park to be created along the waterfront.
Plans are being developed to link this emerging civic node with the seafront Boardwalk to create an east-west pedestrian axis.
The ferry barges across the seafront for its dock with categoric straightness, welcome after the shambles and indirection of Portsmouth.
This detached residence on a site of 0.3 acres opposite St Anne's Park and beside the seafront , is within easy walking distance of Clontarf village.
Positioned on the Dargle Road overlooking the Dargle River, Diamond Valley is within easy reach of Bray with its various amenities including shopping centre, cinema and seafront .