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seaborne / перевозимый морем
имя прилагательное
перевозимый морем
имя прилагательное
transported or traveling by sea.
seaborne trade
And so, ironically in a land whose enormous wealth depended upon its control of seaborne trade, this entire vast sweep of coast was almost empty.
Now known to history as D-Day, Operation Overlord, the greatest seaborne invasion in history, began the long-awaited invasion of Europe.
They were passports to wealth and power, all of which could be revealed to you in the safety of your study, without your ever needing to experience the danger and tedium of seaborne travel.
There is an overconcentration of ownership in seaborne iron ore trade.
However, the invaders were horsemen, not sailors, and the seaborne links of the network survived.