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seaboard / морское побережье, поморье, берег моря
имя существительное
морское побережье
seaside, seashore, seaboard
берег моря
beach, seaside, shore, seaboard
имя прилагательное
riparian, littoral, riverside, in-shore, riverine, seaboard
seaside, maritime, sea, littoral, seaboard, tide-water
имя существительное
a region bordering the sea; the coastline.
the eastern seaboard of the U.S
the eastern seaboard of the United States
the eastern seaboard of the U.S
In the United States, >80% of Lyme disease cases occurred in the northeastern and mid-Atlantic seaboards .
The seaboards face ever-increasing pressure as more and more Australians move to the coast, and the Great Barrier Reef already has suffered substantial damage.
Thus, we start in the polar ice and tundra, move on to grasslands, thence to rain forests and marshes, then uplands, seaboards and maritime civilisations.
Of course, the most important constituency to which the league appealed was the Irish-speaking population concentrated on the western and southern seaboards of the island.
The eastern seaboards of North America, Australia, and Asia can be particularly vulnerable if this occurs.