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scurry / беготня, суета, стремительное движение
имя существительное
running, scurry
vanity, bustling, bustle, rush, scurry, stir
стремительное движение
rush, dash, scurry, tear, dart, lunge
warp, scurry, skirr, squirrel
run, escape, flee, race, scoot, scurry
haste, hasten, push on, be in a hurry, speed, scurry
имя существительное
a situation of hurried and confused movement.
I was in such a scurry
(of a person or small animal) move hurriedly with short quick steps.
pedestrians scurried for cover
After the frantic scurry of the days before our departure, it was soothing to have no telephone calls, no letters to answer, not much to do but look after the baby, and eat, drink and sleep.
In Equinox Flower, Hirayama is left alone in an empty room as both his wife and daughter scurry in and out.
Newly emerged moths scurry to the nearest vertical surface, such as a wall, until their cuticles harden.
To that, let me just add, ‘Chicks and ducks and geese better scurry .’
When someone accidentally bumps him on the street, his ranting makes bystanders scurry away.
The Fembots have junk (found all over the stage), and scurry around like men on a mission between songs.
Chefs and Apprentices scurry around, cooking pastries and birds.
Crucifixes and virgin statues bob and wave humorously at the camera as the children scurry along.
Raincoated figures scurry into the school opposite.
the sled disappeared in a scurry of snow