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scurrilous / грубый, непристойный, оскорбительный
имя прилагательное
rude, rough, gross, coarse, crude, scurrilous
obscene, indecent, lewd, unseemly, salacious, scurrilous
offensive, abusive, insulting, humiliating, mortifying, scurrilous
имя прилагательное
making or spreading scandalous claims about someone with the intention of damaging their reputation.
a scurrilous attack on his integrity
That's an attitude that really resonates with the LGBT community, which has had to face down scurrilous attacks for years.
It is a repetitious and tedious work, a mixture of scholarship and scurrilous invective, but Milton himself was well satisfied with it.
Those claims were both hypothetical and injudicious and could hinder police investigations when ensued by the ranting claims and scurrilous allegations by a small number of egocentric politicians.
There's also a tendency I think to downplay, or forget, or make light of just how scurrilous and damaging a charge this was.
He described the article as a scurrilous attack on the personal character of a judge, which may constitute a contempt of court.
This chitchat - bitchy but accepting, faintly scurrilous but jovial - was yet another example of Hollywood wishfulness.
But the most scurrilous attack came during the height of last summer's gas price boom.
The scurrilous claim is based on a survey that showed smoking levels were falling among teenagers.
Well I suppose you all know what I'm assuming: that within the Liberal Party there are strategies to discredit the Greens, of which this scurrilous attack is an example.
This remains a balanced view which answers the many scurrilous attacks by academics and popular writers out to debunk.