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scum / отбросы, сволочь, накипь
имя существительное
garbage, waste, scum, dregs, refuse, offal
scum, riffraff, asshole, rabble, crud
scale, scum, incrustation, fur, froth, deposition
снимать пену
skim, scum
foam, cream, froth, effervesce, scum, seethe
покрываться накипью
mantle, scum
имя существительное
a layer of dirt or froth on the surface of a liquid.
green scum found on stagnant pools
(of a liquid) become covered with a layer of dirt or froth.
the lagoon scummed over
On the other hand, the general consensus seems to be that journalists are nothing but pond life scum .
Danielle ‘Danny’ Sofer is conflicted, trying to maintain her femininity while beating down street scum on a daily basis.
And if so, who did it: the poor, drug-dealing scum from the nearby projects, or his own rich friends?
green scum found on stagnant pools
you drug dealers are the scum of the earth
Or is someone close to Harvey helping him rid the world of streetwalking scum ?
Now he has to finish his father's work and put the kibosh on this gooey alien scum once and for all!
A problem may occur when the solids content rises in a lagoon, resulting in the accumulation of solids or scum above the surface.
Knowing that the body count was going to be considerably lower this time round I grabbed a ticket and prepared to watch Zebraman lay waste to criminal scum .
Oz understands that the best dynamic is one based on the universal human need to be in control of oneself and feel a sense of honesty, even amongst the most heinous of society's scum .