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sculpt / лепить, ваять
sculpt, mold, model, sculpture, sculp, mould
sculpt, sculpture, chisel, sculp
имя существительное
sculpture, statuary, imagery, sculpt, plastic art
create or represent (something) by carving, casting, or other shaping techniques.
sculpting human figures from ivory
she was teaching him how to sculpt
she was teaching him how to sculpt
Made of cast metal and sculpted stainless steel, the line features a collection of portables including espresso machines, waffle makers, coffee mills and more.
From 1867 to 1890 he was an army veterinary surgeon, painting and sculpting in his spare time.
One set of gardens concerns landforms made from sand, gravel, topsoil and turf sculpted into sharply edged curves.
Williamson has received multiple awards for sculpting since 1990.
The man-made landscape is penetrated by a series of long, horizontal pergolas made of fragments of brick, concrete, and rusted steel artfully cut and sculpted to evoke the jagged forms of urban graffiti.
I myself have been sculpting in wood for many years.
Support is provided at the bottom by a horizontal transfer beam resting on sculpted concrete columns and at the top by steel members tied back to the main concrete frame.
When she decided to return to the figure, she thought she would try sculpting rather than painting.