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scuffle / драка, шарканье
имя существительное
fight, fighting, fray, scuffle, tussle, scrimmage
shuffling, shuffle, scrape, scuffle
fight, spar, brawl, scuffle, bicker, scramble
ходить, шаркая ногами
имя существительное
a short, confused fight or struggle at close quarters.
there were minor scuffles with police
an act or sound of moving in a hurried, confused, or shuffling manner.
he heard the scuffle of feet
engage in a short, confused fight or struggle at close quarters.
the teacher noticed two students scuffling in the corridor
move in a hurried, confused, or awkward way, making a rustling or shuffling sound.
a drenched woman scuffled through the doorway
he heard the scuffle of feet
he heard the scuffle of feet
I heard a scuffling from the corner of the room, underneath Emily's desk.
When I last saw Jose, he was living in a West Side Manhattan housing project, scuffling for diminishing gigs.
When the first rays of the sun hit her, she got up and scuffled away from them, as if they would melt her.
Almost as soon as he had done so, there were sounds of scuffles , all around him - Elfazar was able to move like lightning when he merged with the shadows, moving quickly to one demon, dealing with him, then moving to another.
He didn't hear anymore scuffling of feet, clothing moving, no shadows, not even the sound of breathing.
Outside her room, her sister, Sabrina, scuffled into the bathroom bleary eyed.
Out of all the fights, all the scuffles and tussles, this was the only one that mattered.
Gregory now knows enough to defend himself in small scuffles , and has recently tried to use his moves on me.