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scuff / протереться, идти волоча ноги, шаркать ногами
scuff, fray
идти волоча ноги
шаркать ногами
scuff, shuffle, scrape
имя существительное
домашняя туфля
slipper, scuff
имя существительное
a mark made by scraping or grazing a surface or object.
dark colors don't show scuffs
scrape or brush the surface of (a shoe or other object) against something.
I scuffed the heel of my shoe on a stone
The soles of his shoes scuff the wet asphalt of black-and-white back alleys, headlights closing in behind him.
His sandals scuff on the sandy path, as the geckos call goodnight.
At the same time, he takes care to scuff his compositions with small marks, so that the studied perfection of his geometry is offset by the imperfection of the scratch or splotch on the surface that can recall timeworn linoleum floors.
these shoes won't scuff
for kids who play rough, shoes that won't scuff
All the way from the scuff of dirt on the floor to the tiny cracks on the ceiling.
Mugolo could tell from the length of the scuff marks on the rock and later, where the rider had to cross some soft ground, the length of the stride.
Gray eyes inscrutable, he examined the weapon, running a finger over a scuff on the muzzle absently.
For every Record Collector, LP paranoia eventually sets in and the beloved becomes a monster, desperate to scratch and scuff the poor helpless vinyl.
Nevertheless, life goes on, and time marches forward, even if it leaves its scuff marks on our bruised and tattered bodies, its foot prints on our souls.