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scrunch / хруст, скрип, треск
имя существительное
crunch, crackle, crackling, scrunch, crepitation
creak, squeak, scratch, scrape, screech, scrunch
crack, crash, crackling, crackle, rattle, scrunch
gnaw, crunch, eat, chomp, scrunch, champ
crunch, crackle, crisp, crepitate, scrunch
crack, splutter, crackle, rattle, chatter, scrunch
make a loud crunching noise.
crisp yellow leaves scrunched underfoot
имя существительное
a loud crunching noise.
Charlotte heard the scrunch of boots on gravel
Dr. B. loved it and would scrunch up his face in that way that made his moustache wiggle when I'd launch into the description of the annual Miss Antler contest.
Charlotte heard the scrunch of boots on gravel
With a pang and a ping and a scrunch not unlike the sensation you get when a tooth is pulled, the glass shattered the moment the tensioning springs were released.
Perfect powder snow makes a satisfying scrunch as I plod out to the children's area, an ungainly heel-toe process in the leaden moon boots binding my ankles.
The little action caused her nose to scrunch up considerably before a soft smile took her lips and she went back to whatever dream she was in.
It was a relief to swap the scrunch of tyres on track for the whisper of tyres on tarmac and the view towards Langdale End was the best of the day.
He placed his hand on the nape of her neck and squeezed harshly, causing Mandy's face to scrunch up in pain.
Open mouth wide and let shoulders scrunch up toward the head.
After hair is dry spritz texturizing spray evenly throughout layers, then scrunch to get separation and more body.
then gently scrunch hair with fingers and mousse