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scrubber / скруббер, скребок, жесткая щетка
имя существительное
scrubber, washer
scraper, scratcher, scrubber, rake, doctor, knife
жесткая щетка
scrubber, scrubbing brush, scrub, scrub-brush, dandy-brush
имя существительное
a brush or other object used to clean something.
She looked around, and saw a bottle of hotel shampoo, and a brush scrubber .
Avery remained silent and I took it as a sign that our conversation was over with so I made my way out to the hall, where the bucket and scrubber waited for me in a closet.
Pouring the entire, minute bottle of shampoo onto the floor of the shower, Mya took the scrubber , and scrubbed at the floor.
Whatever that is, I don't have one, so I used a stainless steel scrubber .
After you wood burn, use a nylon pot scrubber to get rid of the waxy residue and give the gourd a more professional look.
‘Spray your mat and rub it down with a sponge, terry cloth or plastic scrubber ,’ she instructs.
If the air is dirty, there must be a missing scrubber on a smokestack or a drainpipe that needs a filter.
There are logically three possibilities: a dirty surface of some kind, particle-laden air, as in a scrubber or an air purifier - or possibly, both.
Use it with a puffy body scrubber (those net-like ball things).
Then scrub that area with a stiff brush, electric scrubber or very fine steel wool pads to loosen old wax.
I had a scrubber wash me down for 20 minutes, using scouring pad mittens and a really abrasive paste that helped to remove most of my dead skin.