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scrub / скраб, кустарник, поросль
имя существительное
bush, shrub, scrub, shrubbery, brushwood, boscage
growth, scrub, underwood, underbrush
scratch, scrape, scrub, rasp
rub, grate, scrub, chafe, friction, rasp
cancel, revoke, override, abolish, abrogate, scrub
имя прилагательное
insignificant, paltry, little, small, puny, scrub
undersized, scrubby, cobby, scrub, runty, sawn-off
run-down, shabby, scrubby, mean, crummy, scrub
имя существительное
an act of scrubbing something or someone.
give the floor a good scrub
a semiabrasive cosmetic lotion applied to the face or body in order to cleanse the skin.
When using an alcohol-based surgical hand scrub with persistent activity, follow the manufacturer's instructions.
vegetation consisting mainly of brushwood or stunted forest growth.
Images of barren trees, dry scrub and leaf-scattered ground present the rural Virginia landscape in December.
denoting a shrubby or small form of a plant.
scrub apple trees
an insignificant or contemptible person.
Any poor scrubs in our place must be fools not to think the match a very rare and astonishing honour, as far as the position goes.
rub (someone or something) hard so as to clean them, typically with a brush and water.
he had to scrub the floor
Coastal rock and scrub habitats are easily distinguished by the species present and by the geographical location.
And my apricot exfoliating facial scrub sits above the sink next to my Morning Fresh dishwashing detergent.
it took ages to scrub off the muck
Volatile substances released by Salvia and other aromatic shrubs in coastal sage scrub are complex compounds.
it took ages to scrub off the muck
a desert plain dotted with scrub
Along the way, the river cuts through oak savannas, desert scrub , and grassland expanses.
Covered with scrub , native mesquite trees and low wild grasses, the desert site slopes gently down to the south.
he had to scrub the floor
There are considerable areas of birch scrub in Iceland and at exposed coastal sites in north Norway.