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scroll / свиток, спираль, перечень
имя существительное
scroll, roll, volume
spiral, helix, scroll, loop, volute, spire
scroll, list, enumeration, schedule, nomenclature, panel
list, roster, schedule, register, roll, scroll
украшать завитками
имя существительное
a roll of parchment or paper for writing or painting on.
He held out a papyrus scroll , bound with papyrus reeds.
the facility that moves a display on a computer screen in order to view new material.
One downside with this mouse is the fact it only has 2 buttons (plus the scroll wheel button).
move displayed text or graphics in a particular direction on a computer screen in order to view different parts of them.
she scrolled through her file
cause to move like paper rolling or unrolling.
the wind scrolled back the uppermost layer of loose dust
He produced a scroll of parchment from inside his clothing and held it open in front of Huw.
Over his head a sky azure environed with a scroll gules with the motto ‘E Pluribus Unum’ argent.
The number of lines comes from the scroll option (default: half a screen).
How do I disable my scroll ?
Tamara nervously fidgeted as he approached her holding a scroll in his left hand.
Sir James Galloway (later 1st Lord Dunkeld) petitioned in 1631 for a crest, scroll and motto to be assigned ‘unto his ancient coat-armour’, suggesting that he was of armigerous descent.
Of all the carving operations associated with stringed musical instruments carving the scroll of violin family instruments seems to be one of the most difficult to grasp.
He reached under the table and pulled out a rolled up scroll .
Colored dots scroll across your screen and tell you which bongo to hit to keep time with the music.
The king unrolled the scroll and read it with a concerned look on his face.