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scrim / холст, маскировочная сетка, грубый холст
имя существительное
canvas, linen, scrim, cloth, sackcloth, crash
маскировочная сетка
грубый холст
scrim, sacking
имя существительное
strong, coarse fabric, chiefly used for heavy-duty lining or upholstery.
Otto-Knapp's Japanese Style Apartments on Figueroa shows the local historicizing architecture overwhelmed by a scrim of green foliage.
The screens of scrim are elaborately constructed, held away from the dance studio's glass walls, offering protection from the elements and shade from the brutal desert sun.
This created the illusion that the mirror was a graffitied scrim behind which lay another room.
Here, the thin scrim is manipulated three-dimensionally with greater freedom than the watertight volumes it veils.
a thin scrim of fog covered the island
Each is covered with a veil of scrim , painted again and then sanded, so that the surface appears to shimmer from light trapped within.
‘There's a piece of some scrim net, a clothes, matches, batteries, and a compact emergency kit which has flares, and nutrient tablets,’ answered Arlyn quickly.
He pulls the building's structural frame back from the facade so that the glass is read as a thin, form-covering scrim .
A voice whispered ‘Let me think,’ as a black scrim descended.
It is nature as seen through a scrim of culture, the ocean as we might dream or imagine it.