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screwball / сумасброд, эксцентричный человек, сумасбродство
имя существительное
madcap, screwball, madman, nut, oddball, zany
эксцентричный человек
eccentric, screwball
extravagance, nonsense, screwball, extravagancy, fandango
имя прилагательное
crazy; absurd.
A Service Pilot in one of my flights north had reported to Operations that I was a crazy, screwball pilot and that he was scared to fly along side me.
имя существительное
a pitched ball that moves in a direction opposite to that of a curveball.
You'll learn the rules of offense and defense, and all about fastballs, curveballs, knuckleballs and screwballs .
a crazy or eccentric person.
Even scarier is the prospect of this party coming to anything with the screwballs they have in their ranks.
There was a scary moment when some screwball in an RV wouldn't let us pass on a country road.
They aren't all screwball reports by any matter or means.
Many are reluctant to throw that 82 mile-an-hour screwball because they're afraid they're going to be changing the scoreboard with just one bad pitch.
The batters had to wait, watch for the spin and break of the screwball .
Viewed as a screwball and rebel by his teachers, he was a rare wit who provoked laughter and sometimes rage.
Usually this happens when they say something in a very haughty tone that doesn't make any sense, as though I should have anticipated their screwball question.
Set in 1958, the screwball plot involves false identities and a literary hoax, chock-full of distinctive wisecracks delivered at breakneck speed.
Clark may be a lot of things, but a screwball he's not.
You know, there's a screwball quality to you.
However, the question remains: with all these goofy and screwball side effects, how in the heck did it slip by the radar of the FDA?