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screen / экран, сито, ширма
имя существительное
screen, shield, baffle, shade, baffle plate, riddle
sieve, screen, strainer, sifter, bolter, separator
screen, folding screen, cover, front, shield, blind
screen, shield
film, screen, picturize
sort, assort, separate, grade, screen, select
имя существительное
a fixed or movable upright partition used to divide a room, to give shelter from drafts, heat, or light, or to provide concealment or privacy.
One way to improve the function of the room is to use room dividers; Japanese screens will allow the light to filter through and will provide a bright, clean look.
a flat panel or area on an electronic device such as a television, computer, or smartphone, on which images and data are displayed.
a television screen
a transparent, finely ruled plate or film used in halftone reproduction.
The halftone screen used to create the greys for the text was terrible, and you could see dots with the naked eye.
a large sieve or riddle, especially one for sorting substances such as grain or coal into different sizes.
Processed Black tea leaves are sorted into different sizes by passing them over screens with different size holes.
conceal, protect, or shelter (someone or something) with a screen or something forming a screen.
her hair swung across to screen her face
show (a movie or video) or broadcast (a television program).
the show is to be screened by HBO later this year
test (a person or substance) for the presence or absence of a disease or contaminant.
outpatients were screened for cervical cancer
pass (a substance such as grain or coal) through a large sieve or screen, especially so as to sort it into different sizes.
Mesh barriers or sieves can screen out anything larger than a certain size from incoming water.
project (a photograph or other image) through a transparent ruled plate so as to be able to reproduce it as a halftone.
Then the subject was asked to press a function key that replaced the welcoming screen with some instructions.
The halftone screen used to create the greys for the text was terrible, and you could see dots with the naked eye.
Under the proposed agreement, we will sign away our right to screen most US investments in Australia.
Instead you're usually left calling for a screen instead of the computer recognizing the situation.
The main screen looks quite good and is operated by means of the function keys.
Maybe you're a noisy, active gamer who yells at the screen and bangs his controller in frustration when he loses.
It bears mentioning that Poolhall Junkies was the last film appearance for screen legend Rod Steiger.
When he reached out a hand to tap on the frame, the screen slid open.
The scene winds up with the close-up of the milk in the glass, coming toward the camera, filling the screen and turning it white.
a branch whipped across the screen and tore off one of the wipers