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screeds / маяк, длинная скучная речь, нудная речь
имя существительное
lighthouse, beacon, pharos, screed, seamark
длинная скучная речь
нудная речь
имя существительное
a long speech or piece of writing, typically one regarded as tedious.
There are other misimpressions created by your articles that necessitate a response, but I did not intend for this to become a screed against your writing.
a leveled layer of material (e.g., cement) applied to a floor or other surface.
The lift was inoperable, the walls had been left with barely an undercoat on them and there was bare screed on the floors.
level (a floor or layer of concrete) with a straight edge using a back and forth motion while moving across the surface.
Once the floor is initially screeded , the first hand tool in the superflat process is the saw beam.
They have written vicious screeds against anti-globalization demonstrators and unionists.
One unusual aspect of this job is that the mat slab was pitched to trench drains everywhere, so power screeds couldn't be used for the placement, except in small areas.
His writings varied from incoherent screeds to astute examinations of government hypocrisy.
Every now and then, he writes these hysterical, factually insupportable, logically inconsistent screeds against some looming threat to civil liberties in the United States.
Ideological screeds and rehashing of oral arguments aren't his style: careful analysis of applicable precedent is, and he did it again.
A Boston Globe reporter posts numerous anti-Kerry screeds all over the blogisphere, and that's supposed to be all right?
Although I've been accused of trying to sway people with my screeds and polemics, that has never been the case, at least not consciously.
In his spare time, he writes screeds of music journalism and analysis, as well as running his own music fanzine website.
It wasn't one of those thinly-documented screeds ; it was written by college educators horrified by PC speech codes, assaults on campus newspapers, and academic freedom.
We have seen truss screeds used to span 50-foot wide sections, but that is pushing things near their limit - unless flatness isn't an issue.