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screech / визг, скрип, хриплый крик
имя существительное
squeal, screech, shriek, scream, yelp, yelping
creak, squeak, scratch, scrape, screech, crunch
хриплый крик
squeal, shrill, screech, yelp, shriek, squall
визгливо или хрипло кричать
creak, squeak, grit, scratch, groan, screech
имя существительное
a loud, harsh, piercing cry.
The piercing screech from the next room was so immediate and pained that it snapped me to instant alertness.
(of a person or animal) give a loud, harsh, piercing cry.
she hit her brother, causing him to screech with pain
Dimitri hopped off the spluttering bus and watched it drive, or rather screech away.
I heard someone scream, though to me it sounded more like a screech .
Cars both ways screech to a halt as a solitary duck ambles slowly across the road.
The screech of crickets for ring tones is only one of the myriad innovations on cell phones.
Most of you who have been to concerts will have heard the loud screech caused by that sort of feedback loop.
Glenn opened his mouth to respond, but quickly snapped it shut when the unmistakable sound of sirens echoed down the tunnels, the screech of brakes, someone yelling.
There was a squealing, a screech of metal scraping metal.
Footsteps, heavy and burdened echoed as a high pitched screech melded into a frightened scream.
a screech of brakes
The city in which you're driving is huge, and filled with people who quite sensibly run screaming when you screech around the corner.