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screamer / крикун, потрясающий факт, превосходный экземпляр
имя существительное
screamer, loudmouth, crier, barker, brawler, wrangler
потрясающий факт
превосходный экземпляр
имя существительное
a person or thing that makes a screaming sound.
The screamer , whoever it was, sounded a little like Lynn.
a thing remarkable for speed or impact.
he had a screamer of a lap going in his Penske-Chevy
a large gooselike South American waterbird with a short bill, a sharp bony spur on each wing, and a harsh honking call.
The long toes may help screamers walk on emergent and submerged aquatic vegetation.
he won a screamer of a 500 cc final
Innovation rarely comes from a unit commanded by a screamer .
After a 40 metre solo he shot a screamer from 25 yards to the roof of the net.
After all, that first-generation Pentium PC that seemed like such a screamer when you bought it probably went out in the inorganic collection several years ago.
His weakness would be that people perceive him as a screamer ; actually he's a principled compromiser and that's the soul of a good politician.
Villa took a first minute lead when Seamus Kinsella ran on to a loose ball on the edge of the area and sent a screamer to the net.
After the break it was only five minutes in when Graham Evans hit a screamer from the edge of the 18 yard box, which hit the post.
Kranjcar's screamer from 25 yards hits the crossbar.
The screamer , whoever it was, sounded a little like Lynn.
A current staffer says she ‘can be exacting, but she is not a screamer , not a diva type at all.’