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scrawl / каракули, небрежный почерк, небрежно написанная записка
имя существительное
scribble, scrawl, scrabble, scratch, hieroglyphics, pothooks and hangers
небрежный почерк
scrawl, scribble
небрежно написанная записка
писать быстро и неразборчиво
писать каракулями
scrabble, scrawl
имя существительное
an example of hurried, careless writing.
the page was covered in scrawls and doodles
write (something) in a hurried, careless way.
Charlie scrawled his signature
reams and reams of handwritten scrawl
A drawing of the original Worden Hall, used to decorate the shelter, is covered in scrawl and may have to be painted over.
It is from one of the Catalan's final faxes, when his handwriting was little more than a scrawl .
A familiar scrawl of handwriting covered the paper and on the cover side was a picture of Chicago, with its skyscrapers and hazy grey skies.
Unable to grab a piece of paper, some stretched their palms for the cricketer to scrawl his signature across it.
They both had labels but the writing on them was a scrawl .
Kenta squinted, trying to read it, but could not decipher the scrawl .
A barely legible scrawl listed him as one of the first to go to France in August 1914.
The Tablet PC allows students to scrawl notes and draw diagrams onto the screen with the touch of a pen-like stylus.
The rambling scrawl on the scratchy pages of yesterday's news distracted me just long enough so that I'd completely forgotten what I thought I'd discovered.