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scratchy / колючий, царапающий, скрипучий
имя прилагательное
barbed, prickly, spiny, scratchy, thorny, spiky
creaking, squeaky, creaky, strident, grating, scratchy
rough, shaggy, scratchy, scabrous, rugged
bitty, patchy, promiscuous, scratch, piebald, scratchy
имя прилагательное
(especially of a fabric or garment) having a rough, uncomfortable texture and tending to cause itching or discomfort.
Rose's fingers were numb from the cold, white with sharply marked red tips, and they stung bitterly as she dug them into his scratchy coat.
It itched and felt dry and scratchy against his skin.
Scared out of my wits, dressed all in shimmering white fabric and scratchy yet beautiful white lace, I felt all alone in the foreign country of England.
Avoid wearing clothes made out of scratchy materials like wool.
She hands me the cell phone and a small, scratchy voice apologizes but says that after a trip to the doctor and a chance to revive, she will see me at her home.
He was inspired to try his hand at poetry in high school, when he bought a scratchy Dylan Thomas record at a garage sale.
The reporter, in his scratchy voice, asked her to retell her story.
I tried to get a number for Gallo through a record company that released some scratchy , self-indulgent folk albums of his.
She rolled over on her thin pallet, on the bottom bunk, pulling her scratchy military-issue blanket tighter around her.
‘Much,’ was the answer, but Stef's voice was still scratchy , and didn't sound much like him at all.
Her voice was still scratchy from sleep though.