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scratch / царапина, скрип, ссадина
имя существительное
scratch, scrape, graze, notch, excoriation, chalk
creak, squeak, scratch, scrape, screech, crunch
abrasion, scratch, excoriation, raw, chafe, erosion
scratch, scrabble, scrape, claw, clapperclaw, crab
имя прилагательное
made, prefabricated, precast, collecting, fabricated, scratch
random, casual, accidental, chance, occasional, scratch
собранный наспех
имя существительное
a mark or wound made by scratching.
the scratches on her arm were throbbing
the starting point in a handicap for a competitor receiving no odds.
Faced with having to give them a head-start of 7, he called it evens and had them starting at scratch instead.
he was working to get some scratch together
score or mark the surface of (something) with a sharp or pointed object.
the car's paintwork was battered and scratched
cancel or strike out (writing) with a pen or pencil.
the name of Dr. McNab was scratched out and that of Dr. Daniels substituted
имя прилагательное
assembled or made from whatever is available, and so unlikely to be of the highest quality.
at least two vessels set sail with scratch crews
(of a sports competitor or event) with no handicap given.
I never ever did beat Jonno off a scratch event, but Harry used to make sure that Jon always gave me a start and I'd get the best out of myself by trying to stay in front.
The men advance towards her and she single-handedly knocks all of them to the ground escaping without a scratch .
They can scratch in the ground and eat seeds and bugs as well as their regular chicken feed.
Do you find it hard to beat juggle and scratch as opposed to blending the records to entertain the crowds?
However, people in movies routinely jump through plate glass windows without receiving a single scratch .
Other notables were Mick, who talked the golf crew through 18 holes of scratch golf.
He is, he says, not remotely put off by the ease with which a scratch side with ‘no gameplan and a smattering of hangovers’ dismantled Scotland on Thursday night.
For all that we now quest for absolute fidelity in recordings, I like the comforting scratch of an old record.
With an intro that's absolute insane scratch work, Flow maintains a feverish and surprisingly melodic tempo throughout the set.
In fact, he leaves the accident without a scratch on him.
He could hear the scratch of her pencil, and the air moving past the car.