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scrappy / лоскутной, бессвязный, лоскутный
имя прилагательное
rambling, incoherent, disconnected, scrappy, unconnected, delirious
patchwork, scrappy
имя прилагательное
consisting of disorganized, untidy, or incomplete parts.
scrappy lecture notes piled up unread
determined, argumentative, or pugnacious.
he played the part of a scrappy detective
The appealing fragments are short and scrappy , the unappealing prose verbose and sometimes impenetrable.
The result was a rather scrappy , disjointed affair, where space in midfield was at a premium.
A pair has made a scrappy , twiggy nest around six metres from the ground in one of Williams' pine trees.
Samples and drum loops provide the beat while scrappy guitars and synths get the crowd jumping to the feminist/pro-gay lyrics.
The scrappy and disjointed play continued after the restart as the Reivers pack began to exert more and more pressure, and began to control events.
While it may have been a scrappy game, this performance was not riddled with the disappointment of the display at Fratton Park.
The press remains scrappy and defiant, but its skepticism about lawyers has been embraced by the mainstream.
The material is subject to some wildly scrappy editing, with incidental characters brought in and summarily dropped.
It was scrappy and messy but ultimately triumphant as York City Knights progressed to the last 16 of the Challenge Cup.
Speeches and letters survive entire, though the other fragments are scrappy .