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scram / уходить, удирать
go, leave, go away, get out, walk away, scram
get away, scoot, decamp, bolt, run off, scram
leave or go away from a place quickly.
get out of here, you miserable wretches—scram!
shut down (a nuclear reactor) in an emergency.
имя существительное
the emergency shutdown of a nuclear reactor.
the power plant was cited for its high rate of scrams over the past year
Aurora would very much like to tell him to scram but she really did need his help.
They wanted five months' rent up front and promised just 60 days' notice in the event they wanted us to scram .
‘Now scram ,’ slurred the voice with a mobster accent.
His enlightened philosophy was either improve business or scram .
He just saved this girl and now she's telling him to scram ?
I ordered him to scram , under the pretense of changing into warmer clothes.
Well, I advise you two to scram before you get hurt.
He hollered, scram if our know what's good for you, and I ran fast.
He was starting to tell me when and where to meet him when you came skipping past and I told you to scram , remember that?
I had to spend seven rupees on you - give my money back and get the hell out of my house - scram !