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scraggy / тощий, сухопарый
имя прилагательное
skinny, lean, gaunt, scrawny, meager, scraggy
gaunt, scrawny, scraggy
имя прилагательное
(of a person or animal) thin and bony.
Last year a thin, scraggy squirrel appeared in my garden from nowhere, looking hungry.
There were flies by the billions, dirt and refuse everywhere, and scraggy dogs searching in the stalls for food.
You didn't always look like a scraggy old man?
I recognized the face, which was a bit scraggy , but I couldn't reconcile with my memory as to how I knew her.
Unknown to her, a tall, scraggy man stood in the doorway, watching her.
I went to check my balance at a cashpoint and noticed a rather scraggy man leaning in the window of a white van parked beside the cashpoint.
I always found myself embarrassed when confronted with pictures of scraggy or sagging wives and overfed, grinning offspring.
Tina smiled at a scraggy boy who was leaning against the railing as she walked past him.
After unwinding during my sculpting class I could stop off for a giant pretzel or could hear a dozen scraggy men playing acoustic tunes on their guitars.
The man was in his forties, had scraggy brown hair, and dark green eyes.