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scowl / хмуриться, смотреть сердито
frown, scowl, lour, gloom, frounce, lower
смотреть сердито
glower, scowl
имя существительное
сердитый взгляд
scowl, glower
хмурый вид
scowl, lour, lower
мрачный вид
scowl, sad face
имя существительное
an angry or bad-tempered expression.
When he saw that she was examining him, his neutral expression turned into a scowl .
frown in an angry or bad-tempered way.
she scowled at him defiantly
It is only a matter of minutes and the child is soon speeding away, his face screwed up in a scowl .
His face is riven with the faultlines of age, creating the illusion of a constant scowl .
she stamped into the room with a scowl on her face
Her arms were crossed in front of her, and a scowl darkened her face.
With a jowly face set in a permanent scowl , he is perfectly suited to the grim realities of war, and he knows it.
"Good," she said as her scowl melted into a smile.
Joshua came back out of the bathroom wearing a scowl , and glared at the other two.
There was no remorse evident through his appearance; cold hard eyes and a seemingly perpetual scowl .
Each hair perfectly in place, and a scowl on his moustached lips, it was clear this guy was no cartoon.
So he furrows his brow, twists his mouth into a scowl and lets his eyes go dead.