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scottish / шотландский
имя прилагательное
Scottish, Scots, Scotch, Caledonian
имя существительное
шотландский диалект
Scotch, Scottish, Scots
имя прилагательное
of or relating to Scotland or its people.
the Scottish Highlands
имя существительное
the people of Scotland.
The Conservatives have won a majority of seats and votes in a Scottish general election.
she's Scottish
It helps that most of us are Scottish and everyone is desperate to win for themselves and for the team.
If they wish to do a showcase of Scottish theatre then they should fund it each year and fund it properly.
The three Scottish guests were on their feet, shouting and cheering with the best of them.
The first thing is to build up a new team and I need to build up the youth and get quality in Scottish football.
Every history of Scotland is an essay on Scottish identity, and this one is no different.
He denies that he will use his new role to get Scottish dancing onto the national curriculum.
One expects New York critics not to care a hoot about Scottish books but they do.
They will try to convince the consumer that it is as Scottish as heather and rainy summers.