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scotch / тормозить, надрезать, ранить
brake, inhibit, slow down, hamper, retard, scotch
incise, snick, scotch
injure, wound, cut, stab, wing, scotch
имя существительное
feature, line, dash, stroke, trace, scotch
incision, notching, snip, gash, snick, scotch
wedge, gore, key, gusset, shim, scotch
decisively put an end to.
a spokesman has scotched the rumors
wedge (someone or something) somewhere.
he soon scotched himself against a wall
cut or score the skin or surface of.
имя существительное
a wedge placed under a wheel or other rolling object to prevent its moving or slipping.
a cut or score in skin or another surface.
имя существительное
the people of Scotland.
He died in the Orkney Islands while returning from an expedition against the Scotch .
the form of English spoken in Scotland.
a scotch in his face
Shortly afterwards, I saw the same man on television pronouncing that the leader's brilliant speech would scotch the conspirators.
He is anxious to continue to represent Laois in the Dáil, and tries to scotch the widely held view that he is a shoo-in for a seat.
The US quickly stepped in to scotch any such plan.
Even meditation hasn't managed to scotch his burning desire for fame, glamour and ‘loads of money’.
scotch with your knife the back of the Carp
Communicate frankly and regularly with your people; scotch wild stories before they get started.
Rumours of a publicity ruse have not entirely been scotched .
The journalist suggests that his investigation may have been what scotched the Kerik nomination.
Credit rating agency Standard and Poors has scotched claims that the economy has bottomed out and recovery is imminent.