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scot-free / безнаказанно
with impunity, scot-free
имя прилагательное
unpunished, scot-free
свободный от налогов
without suffering any punishment or injury.
the people who kidnapped you will get off scot-free
Although they admitted to kidnapping the students, they managed to find enough excuses to get off scot-free .
As before, low-ranking men and women will take the full blame while the higher ups get off scot-free .
the people who kidnapped you will get off scot-free
Not only had the heavily armed terrorists gained easy access to the diplomatic compound in downtown Bangkok, but they were allowed to go scot-free in return for releasing their hostages.
It would be a travesty if officials are blamed and MPs get off scot-free .
You have a labour law in Alberta that lets employers off scot-free and comes down like a ton of bricks on worker's unions.
But here the company can take away our pensions and get off scot-free .
So the evildoers get off scot-free while good people get dumped on.
He had accompanied residents to court on seven or eight occasions and he had witnessed the perpetrators of anti-social behaviour walk away scot-free .
Why were we all left smiling at the end of the programme at the hard-necked individuals who tried to, in effect, steal your money and mine and who walked away scot-free ?