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scorecard / карточка участника
имя существительное
карточка участника
имя существительное
(in sports) a card, sheet, or book in which scores are entered.
They're the ones who bring their own scorebooks to Olympic Stadium, keeping a game-by-game account of what is likely to be the Expos' final season in Montreal.
He adds that the scorecard , which was launched in the first quarter of last year, has ushered in a major cultural change in the HR department.
The development goals had a 'mixed scorecard '.
So check out our career opportunities and learn more about our unique environment where a winning culture and diversity are a key part of our balanced scorecard .
The balanced scorecard is one common approach, which covers financial strength, customer satisfaction, business processes, innovation and learning.
After arriving at the golf course, and entering the clubhouse, they picked up a scorecard for each of them.
An overall score was derived by adding scores in key targets and the balanced scorecard .
Included with the disc is an illustrated book that serves as a scorecard of the story's major characters and events.
I also put a scorecard in place so that we could understand how we were doing on our dual goals of profitability and integrity to the law and clients.
Note that this doubling only affects the final scores on the scoresheet ; the bids and game values are unaffected.
Let's hope it's one of those plastic-coated, wipe-clean scoresheets .