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scorcher / лихач, знойный день, жаркий день
имя существительное
scorcher, roadhog
знойный день
жаркий день
имя существительное
a day or period of very hot weather.
next week could be a real scorcher
a remarkable or extreme example of something, in particular.
next week could be a real scorcher
That is clearly not the case; they're admitting to that, and they're blaming the heat, and it is a scorcher .
Whatever the cause, it appears 2003 is a scorcher worldwide.
The negotiating builds up to the climax, which is a scorcher .
However I wasn't all that relieved… that evening it was a scorcher !
July was a scorcher this year, with 18 days topping the 30 C mark.
Not so much a summer scorcher , then, but a hot ticket that remains boisterously good fun for the undemanding multiplex-goers.
It's going to be another scorcher , so get out those shorts and slap on that sun screen because today's high is going to be in the triple digits, as it will be the rest of the week.
the novel is a scorcher
Then, with just five minutes of the half remaining, Keith Regan broke forward from the left side of midfield and let fly with a scorcher of a shot from twenty-five yards that gave David Feehan no chance at all in the Fahy goal.